Value Added Service

ATS Chem

Custom Design and Fabrication Service

Many of the tank and pressure vessel projects we undertake require highly custom designed and fabricated elements that we produce in-house. These range from skid, pallet and frame foundation configurations to such accessibility elements as manways, ladders and platforms. We also fabricate components integral to tank and vessel functionality, such as nozzles, filters and piping, including pipe headers and other custom designs

  • Portals and manways.
  • External and internal piping.
  • Ladders and platforms.
  • Skids and frames.
  • Filters and strainers.
  • Other custom fabrication. 

Dish Ends

We also undertake manufacture/Job work on forming of Dished ends as per Indian and international Standards and customer requirements. At Present, we have a pressing capacity to manufacture Dishes up to Diameter of 4.3 Meters and thickness up to 30mm respectively and with crown & petal forming method the larger size dishes can be made.