Our Product

Our Product


ATS Chem Equipments has been an industry leader in the fabrication of custom pressure vessels since 1998. We understand that pressure vessels can be hazardous, so our products are thoroughly inspected and tested in each and every stage from the raw material stage to final product.

We manufacture numerous tanks and vessels that are used in a variety of applications and industries, such as Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, herbal and Essential Oil Extraction, Food & Edible oil Extraction, Water Treatment, Paper and Pulp, Paint and Adhesive, cement and Mineral Process Industries. 

Common pressure vessels include:

Building to The ASME Pressure Vessel Code
Our engineering design team has extensive industry knowledge as well as a deep understanding of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code. All of our ASME pressure vessels and process pressure tanks are made-to-order.

Our knowledgeable team will integrate your project needs with their engineering expertise to deliver an ASME compliant, high quality, custom pressure tank that is creatively designed to meet your special requirements.

Our track record demonstrates our commitment to building safe, durable, custom pressure vessels and tanks. ATS Chem Equipments is a name you can trust. Give us a call today.


Welding Plays a vital role in manufacture of pressure vessels, we have adequate ASME qualified welders, welding engineers and testing mechanism to obtain good quality X-Ray welding.

We adhered to the following Codes and Standards during the process of Pressure Vessel manufacture.

ASME Section II – Selection of materials and Weld Consumable

ASME Section V – Guidelines for Non-destructive Examination

ASME Section VIII – Rules for Construction of Pressure vessels

ASME Section XI – Welding and Welder Qualification